Tifton Gazette

January 12, 2013

All dressed up with nowhere to go


— Every year the Tifton Heritage Foundation helps get us in the holiday spirit by opening the Hometown Holidays festivities with their Annual Tour of Homes. Several weeks ago, over 130 tour participants admired four beautiful Tifton homes, each immaculately decorated.  And for the very first time in the history of the Tour, every one of the four homes featured a homeless dog from the Tift County Animal Shelter.

Thanks to the hard work of shelter employees and local vets, all four dogs on the tour were neutered and given their shots, all in an effort to make adoption possible “on the spot”. Generally, when a family selects an animal at the shelter for adoption, they have to wait a few days for that animal to be spayed or neutered, and to be brought up to date on shots.

Captain and Lola, two of the dogs featured on the Tour of Homes, have found loving forever homes. The third dog, Prancer, sadly had to be euthanized. Tour goers will remember the fourth featured dog, Seth-a beautiful Irish Setter mix as a large, confident, beautiful dog.

Seth is still available for adoption. He is good with other dogs and is very friendly. Shelter employees estimate him to be between one and three years old.  Seth has a lot of energy and is desperately looking for his forever family and home.  He has been at the shelter since the beginning of November, when he was brought in as a stray.

If you have been thinking about opening your heart and your fenced-in yard to a shelter dog, none would be more excited to accept your offer than Seth, the only dog featured on the Tifton Tour of Homes who is still very much homeless.

Please call the animal shelter today at 382-PETS to tell them you are on the way to give this loving, friendly dog a forever home.

With hopes for Seth,

             Polly Huff

          Board Member,

          Save Our Pets